Hi, I'm Deven Blake. I'm just your normal everyday nerd.

translations of my name include:
ديفين بلايك
バレイク デビン (BLAKE Deven)

You can use they/them, she/her, or E/Em pronouns to refer to me, or whatever genderless pronoun set you prefer to use. If this confuses you just say things like "they walked", or "I saw them walking".

This website is currently hosted on GitHub and lives in a git repository. See something wack? File an issue. Got something to share? Make a pull request. Please!

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You can contact me at...

trinity@trinity.moe (preferably, redirects to a Google mail account)


you just lost the game

here's what i'm doing right now

have you been to devenzone?

here are frequently (and infrequently) asked questions about me

here are my high school yearbook entries

here's my massive bookmarks list

here's my "shitlist"

here are my political (and some non-political) opinions

here's my library of pasta found on-line

Here's my kinlist

updated 2021-05-04

I should say that what I mean by "kin" is just that I identify with, or have a kinship with, these characters. I don't believe I am these characters. I've heard that's a thing.

Browser extensions I recommend

updated 2021-03-25

To browse the web I use Mozilla Firefox, TOR Browser, or Lynx in a terminal. I do not recommend any form of Google Chrome, for reasons.

Lynx is fine on its own but sort of sucks in that it doesn't fully implement a lot of common web features. As much as I love Lynx, it just doesn't work for me. Firefox (and TOR Browser, which is based on Firefox) has bad defaults and lacks some features which these extensions implement.

Other Art

Site privacy policy:

updated 2021-03-14

This site uses Cloudflare for DNS but shouldn't have any Cloudflare tracking or anything like that. There's no proxying. Nor do I (currently) log visitor IP addresses - this may change. I like knowing from where my visitors are. But I don't know if I'd ever really do something invasive like that.

The only cookie used in this site is to establish the user's preference when it comes to the site theme. This can be set using the control panel on the site index and isn't set at all until "save theme settings" is clicked. If you never save the settings there will be no cookies on this site. But if there are there's nothing I can do about that unless I borked the JS.

trinity.moe is served through GitHub Pages as a static site. You see the same code I do. No JavaScript is minified or obfuscated. You're free to plaigarize, pilfer, copy, whatever of this website you'd like, just don't put my name on something I didn't say. Seriously. The code is yours. Take all the JS without crediting me. Hotlink the CSS. It's yours. You're free.

Services I'm on include...

All Things Weezer, deven; ArchWiki, deven; Bandcamp, devenblake; Byte, trn1ty; Codeberg, deven; CodeWalrus, deven; Discord, trinity#3756; git.disroot.com, deven; GitHub, devenblake; GitLab, devenblake; Hacker News, devenblake; itch.io, devenblake; Mastodon, @deven@pawoo.net; Matter, deven; Notabug, deven; Okuna, dev; Reddit, u/devenblake; Soundcloud, devenblake; SpaceHey, dtb; Twitter, but I'm suspended on both @officialiowa and @trn1ty (which prevents me from deactivating my accounts, which I will when I can); Wikipedia, DTB

(I also have a Discord "server")

None of these are guaranteed to still be on-line and italicized entries are ones I rarely use. I would much rather talk to you via Signal instead of using something like Discord.

Services I do not use, and on which I do not have a profile, include...

Facebook, Facebook Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Whatsapp; Likee; LinkedIn; Minds; MySpace; SnapChat

On most of these I have had profiles in the past, but they are since deleted.

Praise for www.trinity.moe's bold approach to the web

"my computer is making mustard gases" ~ a happy site visitor

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Play the Zelda theme song in your terminal

curl http://www.trinity.moe/zelda.sh | sudo sh


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Check out some other people's stickers, too

This site is written on various computers, in HTML, by hand. Usually with a combination of a web browser (Firefox, Lynx, or NSCA Mosaic) and a text editor - usually ed and vi or vim when I need to do heavier editing but once in a blue moon I break out ne or even Kate if there's something easier to do in them.