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Hi, I'm Deven Blake. I'm just your normal everyday nerd.

translations of my name include:
ديفين بلايك
バレイク デビン (BLAKE Deven)

My pronouns are they/them.

This website is currently hosted on GitHub and lives in a git repository. See something wack? File an issue. Got something to share? Make a pull request. Please!

You can contact me at... (preferably, redirects to a Google mail account)

Services I'm on include...

  • All Things Weezer, deven
  • ArchWiki, deven
  • Bandcamp, devenblake
  • Byte, trn1ty
  • Codeberg, deven
  • CodeWalrus, deven
  • Discord, trinity#3756
  •, deven
  • GitHub, devenblake
  • GitLab, devenblake
  • Hacker News, devenblake
  •, devenblake
  • Mastodon,
  • Matter, deven
  • Notabug, deven
  • Okuna, dev
  • Reddit, u/devenblake
  • Soundcloud, devenblake
  • SpaceHey, dtb
  • Twitter, but I'm suspended on both @officialiowa and @trn1ty (which prevents me from deactivating my accounts, which I will when I can)
  • Wikipedia, DTB

None of these are guaranteed to still be on-line and italicized entries are ones I never use. I would much rather talk to you via Signal instead of using something like Discord.

Services I do not use, and on which I do not have a profile, include...

  • Facebook, Facebook Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Whatsapp
  • Likee
  • LinkedIn
  • Minds
  • MySpace
  • SnapChat

On most of these I have had profiles in the past, but they are since deleted.

Here's a quote for you:

"Enable JavaScript to see a quote here."

~ Deven Blake


check out my favorite movies

here's a video of me waterboarding myself with mountain dew

check out a web browser landing page i made

you just lost the game

here's what i'm doing right now

have you been to devenzone?

here's my "kinlist" i guess

here are frequently (and infrequently) asked questions about me

here are my high school yearbook entries

here's my massive bookmarks list

here's my "shitlist"

here are my political opinions

here's my library of pasta found on-line

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