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frequently asked questions

updated 2021-05-08

Are you religious?

The only god I worship is Hatsune Miku.

What are your political beliefs? What do you think about [thing]?

See my political opinions.

I messaged you on [platform] and you didn't respond. Why is that?

I'm not active on many platforms and the ones on which I am active tend to glitch out because I always have weird device setups. If you need to get in touch with me I highly encourage you to contact me via SMTP at the addresses on the site index. Unless you opened with something really weird, had I seen your message, I would have responded.

What genitals have you?

I understand neither why one would ask this question nor why they would expect an answer.

Why "Trinity"? Don't you go by Deven?

I go by both. What do you think the T in DTB stood for?

How do you pronounce "Deven"?

It depends. I have the katakana translation of my name on the site index. This says my name is pronounced "DEH vin", which isn't really correct. It's actually "DEH vehn", which is distinct from the name "Devin". In practice you're probably better off just saying "DEH vin", which is what I do.

No, my parents did not curse me with some ungodly unique name; I got it changed (legally) from what it once was long ago. Send guesses as to my birth-name on a postcard: 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE; WASHINGTON, DC 20500.

How do you pronounce "Trinity"?

You leetspeek "tr1n17y". Alternatively you may use the English approximate pronunciation "Trihnihtee".

How do you pronounce "Blake"?


Are you {antisemitic,homophobic,racist,sexist,transphobic,xenophobic}?

Not intentionally. This one tends to be rhetorical, and from people who believe otherwise. You're welcome to browse my (no doubt terrible) political opinions, which are previously hyperlinked on this page.

What happened to the two-column layout of the site?

Columning on /index.html happened on 2020-10-21 with site commit f36a3215a8bbd0ae9f6b83c9c2b58eabf826a2b7 and was removed on 2021-05-03 with site commit d98a2203895fc3817894b2d99ada84a777b22212.

The issue was that on any modern mobile devices I used (Safari on iOS late 13.x to 14.2 and some privacy-friendly fork of Firefox for Android later) the columns would look weird due to scaling, and on most browsers I really care about supporting (Lynx, Mothra on plan9front, and NCSA Mosaic) the HTML table wouldn't even be rendered. When I tested it it only looked good on graphics-focused desktop web browsers and honestly I would rather have the site be displayed consistently on all devices than have it look pretty. So it bothered me for a while until I got rid of it.