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letters to the editor

From time to time I get baffling e-mails from people scraping this website for addresses at which to lob spam. Here's a selection.

You don't have to worry about ending up on here if your e-mail has at least a modicum of personality. E-mail me if you're bothered about being on this page.

Hmm... Simple Question Re: Trinity.moe

From [USERNAME REDACTED]@killthecablebill.com; 2022-02-11T0717 EST

Dear Trinity.moe Team,

I trust you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this most unusual time.

I’m writing because you cited Tubi TV on this page at Trinity.moe.

Here at HotDog.com, we're helping people beat inflation by replacing expensive cable TV bills with low-cost video streaming.

Our site includes:

    Top streaming services and deals -- plus: how to get local TV free via old-school antennas
    How to get free trials for Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and more - enough to keep you watching for months
    How to avoid streaming scam sites

It's all here at:

Do you think Trinity.moe readers would find our resources valuable? If so, would you please insert a link for your readers?

Either way, thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes,


PS. HotDog.com was recently featured on USA Today and PCMag, and it’d make my day to see it on Trinity.moe, too ;)

HotDog.com (formerly KillTheCableBill.com)

From [USERNAME REDACTED]@killthecablebill.com; 2022-02-17T0707 EST

Dear Trinity.moe Team,

I'm emailing to make sure you didn't miss my email. What did you think about citing, here on your page at Trinity.moe, our cord-cutting guide to ditching cable and saving money?

I think you'll agree, inflation's really taking off and we're all looking to save money.

Do you have any questions about the guide? I’d be delighted to answer them.

Best wishes,


HotDog.com (formerly KillTheCableBill)

I’d Love To Collaborate

From [FIRST NAME REDACTED]@socialboosting.info; 2022-03-02T0315 EST

Hi there

My name is [FIRST NAME REDACTED] from socialboosting.com, and while researching for my latest article, I found your website. 

I spent a couple of hours checking out your site, and honestly, it’s great. I specifically enjoyed http://www.trinity.moe/shitlist.

You have fantastic content, and that’s why I want to reach out to you. One way to gain more traction is to link to helpful resources. It makes your content stand out even more.

I was originally researching for my article A Complete Guide To Understanding TikTok: Algorithm, Content, And More which you can find here: [URL REDACTED]

If you enjoy my content too, I thought you could link to my web page?

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you!