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updated 2021-11-09

postmarketOS is based on Alpine Linux and this site's knowledge article for Alpine applies to postmarketOS as well.

Encrypted SD card with LUKS


I bought a SAMSUNG EVO Select 128GB New Generation card (apologies for the Amazon link, it isn't an associate link though), wiped it, and put one partition on it that spanned the whole drive.

See cryptography#LUKS partitioning for how to make a LUKS partition.

To have the SD card auto-mount at boot, add an fstab(5) line for the decrypted block device. The localmount OpenRC service will also have to be enabled for the system to read fstab(5) - rc-update add localmount. Then, rc-update add dmcrypt boot and add an entry in /etc/conf.d/dmcrypt to automatically luksOpen the volume. dm-crypt will need the UUID of the physical block device; in blkid(8) this will be the line that starts with /dev/mmcblk or /dev/sd[X].

Random MAC address generation on Wifi

By default, postmarketOS will generate a random software MAC address when connecting to a new WLAN network. You can disable this by adding a NetworkManager rule. In /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ you can make a file with any name that has the following:


On a live system you can then rc-service networkmanager restart to restart NetworkManager and have it load the new configuration.